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If you’re just starting out with digital photography, you may be asking yourself where to get your first FREE Kodak Lightroom presets. You may easily find them on the internet, but most websites will sell them for ridiculously low prices! Don’t get me wrong…I really like using Kodak film and getting new films, but the prices on those are so low it’s crazy. However, I’m going to tell you where you can find a FREE Kodak preset which will work good for you.

EBay – I love eBay, because it’s an amazing place to buy and sell things. Just navigate their marketplace and you’ll find a lot of different digital photography sellers selling presets, equipment, and applications. Just make sure you search for ones that offer absolutely free trials. You’ll never know just how in love you’re really until you try one out !

Amazon – you could also find many good products on Amazon. There are many digital photographer specific products on this website. Look for things like electronic photo improvement applications and photo printing program. These types of goods are usually sold as a subscription kind, so ensure you have a look at the size of this bundle and what features it Portra 160 FREE Film comes with. Additionally, there are usually reviews of the merchandise, so you can see what other buyers think about them before you purchase.

Zuul – This is just another great website to purchase presets from. The largest benefit of buying Zuul is they have a FREE starter bundle, which will make it possible for you to try out their applications without having to spend any cash. I really like this site and everything they offer.

ILoveThis – This company offers more than simply photo editing software. They also provide home based business opportunities, home based music downloads, and movie rentals. Their presets are also great and very fair. This is probably my favorite preset of all of the ones I looked at.

Overall, these four sites are fantastic places to find cheap presets for your Lightroom pictures. I would advise that you do a bit of research before you purchase a pre requisite, just as you would anything else you’re going to buy. Also, I would suggest sticking with photography related sites rather than general purpose sites for photo editing. Simply because a person knows how to make a photo editing software does not mean that they know how to do something interesting like editing pictures !


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